Personal Transformation Journey

A group and individual coaching program to accelerate conscious, ongoing personal development


In our rapid pace environment it is critical that we all become leaders. From individual contributors to top management, only those who can observe themselves and choose to develop will keep up with both the dynamic changes in markets and technology and the growing complexity and uncertainty of our work environment. Such development requires a conscious choice and ongoing practice to transform our way of seeing and responding to the myriad of challenges as we work together to seize opportunities and solve problems.

Our 6 month Personal Transformation Journey (PTJ) program enables high potential leaders to benefit from both the rigor of a coach and the catalyst of learning and growing with a group of colleagues committed to personal development. We expect PTJ graduates to exemplify and help establish the cultural norm that effective leaders at any level are continually engaged in a conscious and visible journey towards leadership excellence.


Each month of the 6-month Personal Transformation Journey, groups of 10-14 leaders meet as a group, in small learning groups, and 1:1 with a coach to deepen their understanding, practice, and embodiment of the emotional competencies that are key to transforming their effectiveness in the workplace:

  • Self-Awareness is enhanced by leveraging insights from their Enneagram Drive so they can better value their strengths and avoid derailers
  • Self-Management is increased by becoming a better self-observer and learning to pause and shift when emotionally triggered so responses are conscious versus reactive
  • Social Awareness is catalyzed by ongoing reflections with participants of different Enneagram Drives to appreciate both how others are 'not like me' and how to work better together to leverage this valuable diversity
  • Self-Development is achieved by selecting a development focus that matters and deactivating the internal immunity to change

At the core of vertical development is integration of the three centers of personal intelligence with greater sensitivity to our impact on others. We strengthen participants' vertical development by exploring the four emotional competencies from a different perspective each month.

  • Session 1A and 1B - Foundation
  • Session 2 - Head Center of Intelligence focused on beliefs
  • Session 3 - Heart Center of Intelligence focused on emotions
  • Session 4 - Body Center of Intelligence focused on senses
  • Session 5 - Relational Intelligence focused on observable differences
  • Session 6 - Claiming our change and sharing our learning

In the 7 Group Sessions we engage in rich discussions, presentations, personal sharing, and small group activities to foster ideas, deepen insights, and strengthen the commitment to practice the desired change. We strive to establish a safe and trusting environment that encourages participants to shift perspective, stretch and try new things, give and receive real-time feedback, and more frequently claim and celebrate progress.

Participants strengthen their conscious development journey each month with:

  • Reading, reflections and practices they do individually
  • A monthly virtual 1:1 Coaching Session that allows for adjustments and support on issues that may not readily surface in the group setting.
  • 2 bi-weekly Small Learning Groups with peers of different Enneagram Drives that keep development top-of-mind and create a chance to appreciate differences, celebrate progress, acknowledge barriers, and receive feedback and support.

The Personal Transformation Journey is available in English or German and as an in-house transformation process.






  • Become more skillful at the principles and practices of personal change so they have a process to guide their ongoing pursuit of leadership excellence.
  • Build emotional intelligence so they can consistently bring their best self to stressful situations.
  • Become a model of leadership and learning in their organization.
  • Foster a network of supporters whose encouragement and feedback in the work environment helps ensure the intended change translates into on-the-job action.
  • Increase capacity to understand and interact effectively with the gifts and challenges of the various leadership styles of colleagues and partners.


Individual contributors & high potential leaders at all levels of an organization who are: a) Committed to personal development, b) Willing to engage openly in a group setting, c) Motivated and have the space for making a change now


curiosity and openness to grow, Time to devote to the work


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